DIY (Top-Level Business) Annual Marketing Plan

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Help your business be… REMEMBERED | KNOWN | LIKED | TRUSTED!

These 4 values are at the core of everything a small business owner has to accomplish with regard to their business’s ongoing (top-level) marketing strategy.

But how exactly does this concept transition into the everyday marketing activities that you need to perform for your business?

Our very pragmatic and logical approach helps you devise a content-marketing combined social media marketing strategy for your business, to help it promote it’s voice, personality and reputation, for the next 12 months.

In fact, it’s so simple we can teach it to you in less than an hour, and within two hours of tweaking our approach to fit your own business style, you’ll have your entire marketing strategy for the next 12 months can be mapped out, and feel accomplished, organised and a weight/task lifted off of your shoulders.

Gain clarity, focus, and purpose and simply follow your own instructions to implement your generic business marketing activities.
(It’s worth noting, that this is for your general business’s marketing plan, not for a specific product, service or event).

► 12 Month Plan of Attack
► Monthly & Weekly Focus
► Content Marketing Topics
► Social Media Post Types Planned
► Business Voice/Personality Marketing Strategy Implemented
► and so much more!

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