DIY Sales Page Copy Writing Blueprint

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Imagine having the power to flip a persons mind from cold hard logical thinker to being emotionally engaged, invested and ready to take action, just through the power of the words you write on a page. This is what writing powerful sales copy is all about.

You don’t need professional copy writers, you know exactly what your products, services and business value’s bring to your audience, the only barrier you have is how you communicate it.

But it’s easier then you think!

All you need is a 9-step formula to follow and it is a job done, well, everytime you attempt it!

In this purchase, you’ll discover:

► The autonomy of a sales script
► The 9 types of sentance/statement you need to write about
► The order these statements/sentences need to be positioned
► You’ll understand how visitors engage with copy, they do not read top to bottom!
► 9x Online Training Videos
► 1x Downloadable PDF Workbook
► Cheat sheets to help you hit the ground running.

For a tiny investment, you’ll have removed the frustration and cost of having to employ others to write your sales copy for you and/or you will have conquered the blank page overwhelm of where to start so that you’ll be writing powerfully engaging copy that invokes calls-to-actions within minutes.

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